Nerja Town Council celebrated this year’s Día de la Constitución (Constitution Day) with various official events with some of the town’s young people playing a special role. The events started in the council chambers, where the mayor, José Alberto Armijo, and spokesmen from the opposition parties made speeches.

Then four young people, all of whom turn 18 this month, Maria Magdalena Sánchez Torres, Gabriel Jesus Rosa Lorenzo, Alberto Jimena Navas and Ámbar López Muñoz proceeded to read their chosen articles from the Spanish Constitution. These passages were related to the age of majority, the equality of all Spanish people and the unity of the Spanish nation. Alberto Jimena read Article 2 of the Constitution and said that “Spain now has to be more united than ever. ”

For his part, the Mayor congratulated the young people, thanked them for participating in acts of Constitution Day and gave each of them a memento of the day.

This was then followed by a rousing concert by the Municipal Band outside the town hall under the direction of José Pedro Almendro del Pino in front of a large crowd of locals and tourists. Finally the four young people hoisted flags from the balcony.

Día de la Constitución (Constitution Day) commemorates the referendum held in Spain in 1978 which approved the current Spanish Constitution bringing to a close forty years of dictatorship.

Saturday 8th of December 2012 will be another public holiday for La Inmaculada Concepción.

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