The Spanish Christmas Lottery, popularly known as El Gordo (the fat one) is being drawn today live on Spanish television. Throughout Spain, TVs in people’s homes, bars, restaurants and work places will be on, as ticket holders watch the winning numbers being sung out by children from San Ildefonso school in Madrid.

This year’s Christmas lottery has seen ticket sales increase by almost 5% compared to last year, with a total of nearly €2.5 billion worth of sales of the €20 tickets. 70% of the amount raised will be returned in the more than 10,000 prizes awarded to the winning ticket numbers, making El Gordo the biggest lottery in the world.

As an innovation this year, winners can collect their prizes the same day, from 6pm onwards. Tickets are sold from the Lottery offices, which in Nerja is on Calle Cristo, near to the post office. Although it is too late to buy an El Gordo ticket, there is still time to get a ticket for El Niño which is drawn on the 6th of January (Three Kings Day) with millions of Euros in prizes.

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