The heavy rain of the past few days caused a small landslide to fall from the cliffs behind the new flats at Burriana beach. Fortunately no one was hurt in the collapse, although a number of cars that were parked on the street below were damaged in the fall. Workmen have used earth moving equipment to make the area safe, but the road remains closed off to traffic until all the material can be removed and that they are sure no further falls are likely.

The affected road runs behind the flats at the seafront at Burriana beach, just around the corner from OLAS bar. There are luxury villas at the top of the cliffs and there are regularly small landslips here during the winter months. The residents have admitted to being worried every time a landslip like this occurs, although the material that has fallen appears to just be mainly compacted earth, rather than the cliff face itself.

In the storms in November last year, the road that runs up from Burriana beach at the far (eastern) end was cut when a landslide undermined one side of the road.

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