The Junta de Andalucia has announced at the FITUR 2013 travel trade fair in Madrid, that they have signed an agreement with Serhs Tourism to promote Andalucia as a holiday destination in eleven Nordic and Eastern European countries. The initiative is designed to generate 580,000 more overnight stays by visitors from these regions.

Although the UK is still Andalucia’s biggest holiday customer, the new promotion will target countries that are standing up well to the current economic crisis and it is estimated that the new agreement will attract around 60,000 new tourists in total.

Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway are expected to bring in 40,000 new visitors, the Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, will provide 20,000 new customers, while Russia is expected to bring in just over one thousand.

The total investment in this campaign is €200,000 of which the Junta de Andalucia are funding half the cost.

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