The Nerja Cave Foundation has released a new video on Youtube titled “The Nerja Caves, where time stops”.

The three minute long video, was produced to mark the 55th anniversary of the caves discovery, and “highlights the unique sensory experience that is a visit to the interior of the caves”.

The video was directed by Victor Meliveo with cinematographer Soraya PĂ©rez and choreographer Fernando Hurtado. According to the director of the Caves Foundation, Angel Ruiz, “I asked Victor and Fernando to try to capture in images and sounds what it feels like to visit the Nerja Caves, and I can assure you that they have.”.

Ruiz went on to say that “Nature manufactured, over millions of years, this temple, which has served humans for shelter, housing and as burial, and today it serves as a key space to investigate the evolution of the human species and schedule the home writing and art. But what unites those humans tens of thousands of years and us is the sense of wonder at the beauty of the work of nature in the relationship between water and stone. That is what the video conveys. “

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