After a break of more than two decades, piped music is to return to the Nerja caves now that a new sound system has been installed. Visitors to the caves will be accompanied by classical music as they wander through the galleries.

The public address system will also allow management to make announcements about activities and events in the caves. This new system is part of the ongoing project to make visits to the caves “a more complete and enjoyable experience”.

The caves also have a free route guide and visitors can also rent an audioguide available in four languages (Spanish, French, English and German) which gives the history and other details of the grotto.

The Nerja Caves were discovered in 1959 by five young boys and has grown in importance to be one of the most visited tourist attractions in the region. As well as the caves themselves, there is also a picnic area, restaurant, childrens playground and visitors can also rent bicycles to explore the natural park itself.

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