The full session of Nerja council have approved the new ordinances for 2013 which includes for the first time a rubbish collection rate. The new rate will cost each household 2,3 or 4 euros per month, depending on the size of the house and its rateable value (castratal). The decision to vary the rate in this way “will benefit families with fewer resources,” according to the finances councillor Antonio Villasclaras.

The new tax will raise an estimated €540,000 a year from the 15,000 properties on the register, which amounts to an average charge of €3 per month per household. The rubbish tax was originally abolished in 1992, when it was incorporated into the IBI council tax.

Rates for enrolment in the various sports courses on offer by the council will also be changed to give a discounts to less well off families in the town.

The new “Carnet de Mayor” will also be introduced in 2013, which will give discounted access to sports and cultural activities for senior citizens.

Overall local taxes in Nerja have been frozen for 2013 and rates increased in line with inflation.

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