Nerja’s councillor for Popular Traditions, Sandra Jimena, has announced that there will be a total of 12 crosses in Nerja and Maro for Saturday’s (May 3rd 2014) Dia de la Cruz (Day of the Cross).

Individual streets and residents associations raise money for the event and secretly design floral displays in the shape of crosses which are then proudly displayed on the day of the cross. There are prizes for the best design, and some localities of the town never fail to win.

Maps showing the locations of all the crosses are usually available from the tourist information office on the Balcon de Europa and visitors are invited to take a tour around the town to see the crosses in all their splendour.

There will be two crosses in Maro, both in Calle San Miguel, with entertainment by the Christian dance group.

In Nerja the crosses will be in the following locations; Calle Jorge Guillén (next to bloque 10) by La Asociación de Mujeres Fuente del Badén, de la Barriada de los Poetas. Nearby the nuns and neighbours of the residence of the Hermanas del Buen Samaritano will have a cross.

Residents from La Maquinilla will have their cross in calle Joaquín Herrera and this year they will be collecting food for the charity Caritas. As usual there will also be a cross in Calle Brasil.

Calle Pintada in the centre of the old town will have a cross at the top part of the pedestrianised area created by the businesses in that area.

Calle Diputación will have two crosses close to each other – one created by the members of the Centro de Participación Activa and the other by the peña flamenca “La Soleá”. The peña Nerjeña will have their cross at their premises in calle Chaparil and there will be another cross in the Torero bar for the first time.

This year’s cross at the Balcon de Europa will be by the Cofradía de Jesús Cautivo and the Abanico de Ilusiones choir, who will also be performing along with other choirs and dance groups.

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