maroThe road down to Maro beach from the roundabout at calle San Miguel to calle Nueva, will have a new pavement on the right hand side. The €50,000 project has been announced by the local council and will be funded by Malaga County Council.

According to councillor for Infrastucture, Antonio García. the work will involve re-surfacing this section of road and adding pavements where none currently exist. The work will follow on from the improvements already done from calle Nueva as far as the factory.

In other news, Nerja council expect to approve today the Plan Especial de Protección del Sitio Histórico de Maro. This will give the final say on planning decisions to Nerja council rather than the culture department of the regional government, something which Nieves Atencia urban planning councillor, claims “is very important for the residents of Maro”.

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