Hot on the heels of Timotei filming a commercial at Maro beach, yesterday it was Burriana’s turn with mobile phone company Orange filming on Burriana beach. The French telecoms firm has been making an advert, to be shown initially in France, down at the eastern end of Burriana.

The scenes featured a group of young people playing beach volleyball, with the net, sun umbrellas and other props all in the distinctive orange colour of the mobile phone operator. Filming also took place in amongst the sun loungers, in this very picturesque and popular location. Forty people took part in this production and scenes were also filmed at Malaga Airport. No part of the beach was cordoned off for the filming, which took place on a relatively quiet mid-week day.

The filming was all done with the permission and support of Nerja council who value the free publicity these type of productions bring to Nerja.

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