With all the votes counted in yesterdays elections in Andalucia, the Partido Popular have failed to turn their lead in the opinion polls into a majority in the Andalucian Parliament, by gaining just 50 seats out of the 109 on offer. The PSOE lost ground, winning only 47 seats (compared to 56 in 2008) and the Izquierda Unida Los Verdes(United Left – Green Party) winning the remaining 12 seats (up from 6). None of the myriad smaller parties won any seats.

Depending on what deals will be done, the results leave the existing President José Antonio Griñán of the PSOE with a strong chance of remaining in power with the backing of the IULV.

In Nerja nearly 51% of voters backed the PP, 31% voted for the PSOE, 11% IULV, with the rest of the votes going to the smaller parties.

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