Sunset At Playazo Beach Nerja

Sunset At Playazo Beach Nerja

Spring officially started at 6.14am this morning and to celebrate we had a night of rain. In Spain as a whole 21 provinces are on alert for snow, wind and cold conditions. In the Sierra Nevada ski resort snow is forecast.

Meanwhile Spain has only had 14% of its normal rainfall over the past twelve months, with only some 25% of its usual winter rainfall. This has resulted in the reservoirs, on average, now containing only 62.1% of their capacity. Farmers in Andalucia are deeply concerned and believe that this year they may lose 35% – 50% of their olive productivity. As a result of this drought, the Spanish government are planning to ask the EU for financial help.

This weeks weather forecast shows temperatures climbing from today’s forecasted high of around 16°, to 20°C at the weekend. Summer time will officially start at the weekend on Saturday night/Sunday morning, when the clocks go forward by one hour.

Sunrise is at 7.18am and sunset is at 7.30pm, so when the clocks go forward, it will still be light at around 8.30pm.

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