The María Zambrano theatre company are putting on their show “La Mirada Perdida” at the Nerja Cultural Centre at 9pm on October the 19th. Tickets are €10 and the performance will last 90 minutes.

“La Mirada Perdida” is a reflection on the loss of memory, both individual and collective.

Synopsis: Don Cosme has Alzheimer’s and is right in the chaotic stage of the disease. One night his daughter Aurora is about to lose control of the situation and is on the verge of fainting. The return of the other daughter Mariana, who disappeared two years ago and the arrival of a wealthy Mexican, determined to clarify an episode that happened during the Spanish Civil War (specifically the flight of civilians Malaga to Almeria) are the basis for creating a frame, where human feelings are above any ideology.

La Mirada Perdida has won various awards including Best Play and Best Leading Actor at the Ardales Theatre Festival.

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