The Costas Ministry in Madrid are to send a team of surveyors to study the Paseo de los Carabineros cliff path that links Calahonda beach in the centre of town with Burriana. The footpath has been officially closed for many years because of dangerous rock falls and the Costas team are to investigate whether it is safe to reopen the footpath, at least partially.

The Costas (coasts) department has responsibility for this footpath and have installed barriers and signs warning of the dangers. Although officially closed, many people just climb over the barriers, or join the path from points that are not blocked off and walk along the footpath, which is almost deserted even in the height of summer.

The Nerja councillor for the environment Nieves Atencia has said that the council will do everything it can to re-open the path to the public.

The entrances to the footpath can be seen at the western end of Burriana beach and also from Carabeo and Calahonda beaches. There is also a section which joins the steps down to Carabeilo beach, to the steps at the Parador.

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