Narixa NerjaAround 150 school children aged 3 to 5 at Narixa school in Nerja will not be starting the new term as normal, due to repair works. The school, which broke up for holidays at the end of June, is having work done on the infants’ classrooms which will not be finished in time for the new term starting September the 10th. Instead the children will be moved to the school’s library, which, according to Nerja’s education councillor Gema García is “not equipped for children so young.”

The school is run by the Junta de Andalucia, who, although apologetic for the disruption, have not provided an explanation as to why the works have been allowed to overrun the more than two month holiday period. Councillor García has accused the Andalucian government of “lacking in foresight” given that this work has long been needed at the school.

Parents of the children affected will be relieved that the school will in fact open on the 10th as the school had sent out notices last week that the school would not reopen for the new term.

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