Carabeillo Beach Nerja, 22nd September 2012

Carabeillo Beach Nerja, 22nd September 2012

Today Saturday the 22nd of September, is officially the last day of summer, with autumn starting at 4:49pm this afternoon. Winter begins in another 90 days, on the 21st of December.

September’s weather in Nerja has so far been dry and hot, with night time temperatures not falling below 21°C in town and daytime temperatures of up to 29°C. The average maximum daytime temperature in Nerja during October is 24°C. The Spanish weather agency AEMET, are predicting that this years autumn in Spain will be normal, without extremes of cold or warmth.

This year’s summer in Spain has been the second driest for sixty years, with only half the average rainfall. In Nerja, other than a few spots of rain on a few days, there has been no rain all summer, leaving the Rio Chillar dried up.

All this could change next week with the possibly arrival of tropical storm Nadine that might hit the Spanish coast on Wednesday. Tropical storms normally head towards the Caribbean, but Nadine appears to be heading towards Europe. In October 2005 tropical storm Vince hit Andalucia with strong winds and rain and in September 2007 a storm caused up to 185 litres of rain per square metre to fall in one day, causing damage to roads and other infrastructure in the town, which took months to repair.

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