The Mayor of Nerja, has announced that Spain’s Central Government remains committed to the new water treatment plant planned for Nerja, as the Environment Ministry officially unveiled the tender bids yesterday.

There are a total of 14 proposals, ranging in price from just under €20M to €22M (plus VAT). The maximum price for the bids was set at €34M.

The technical bids for the new project were received in June. Once the winning bidder is announced, they will have 24 months to complete the work, which will mean the new plant will be in operation by 2015 in time to comply with the new EU water quality standards which come into force that year.

The new plant will be located on the hills above the town, in the vicinity of Fuente del Baden. This will require various pumping stations, as only Maro and the urbanisations in Capistrano will be able to feed the plant via gravity alone.

Engineers from one of the companies bidding for the work suggested to the SUR newspaper back in May, that El Playazo would be a better location, being just above sea level, and would require fewer, less powerful pumps.

The experts claim that a more realistic budget for the plant, in the Fuente del Baden area, would be 60-80 million Euros, rather than the 40 million euros that have been planned for. They also believe that the winning bidder will in fact ask for the budget to be increased after they have been awarded the contract and construction work has started “as ends up happening in almost all public works”.

The new plant has been in the planning stages since the 1970′s.

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