Today May 3rd is Dia de La Cruz (Day of the Cross) and there will be a total of 16 crosses on display throughout Nerja and in Maro.

The town hall cross will be on the Balcon de Europa, the Peña Nerjeña cross on calle Chaparil, and the crosses of the Peña La Soleá and the Centro de Día de Mayores on calle Diputación.
There will be two crosses on calle Pintada, one by the caves monument and the other in the Patio passageway. Calles La Parra, Cristo, La Habana and La Maquinilla will also have crosses on display.

There are more crosses to visit in Maro at the Hogar y Centro Social, calle Carmen, calle San Miguel, the Centro Municipal de Usos Múltiples and two in the square in front of the hotel.

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