The strong winds that hit Nerja over the weekend caused significant damage to the cypress trees located next to the ermita de la Virgen de las Angustias (the shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows), so much so that the local fire brigade were called out to deal with the branches that were in danger of falling. Contractors have now removed the trees completely, which will be replaced with new cypresses.

The winds also damaged trees in the Verano Azul park near to the riverside walk on the west side of Nerja.

Following the high winds, temperatures in Nerja have finally gone back to normal after the arctic weather of the last few days, where nighttime temperatures dropped towards zero as the freezing cold wind from Siberia made its way this far south. Thermometers reached almost 20ÂșC this afternoon, which came as a welcome relief after the gruesome taste of winter northern weather.

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