FachadasThe Popular Traditions department, along with the Residents Association from the Barriada de Las Protegidas area in Nerja and the local mayor have announced the first Fachadas y Casas Puertas competition as part of the Veladilla de San Miguel festival. The competition will take place on the 19th of September, when the judges will visit all the houses and shops who have entered to find the one with the best decorated frontage.

The winners in each category will get a prize of €30 and a plaque. Registration for the competition is open between the 2nd and 18th of September at the María V launderette on Plaza de Andalucia in Nerja.

The Barriada de Las Protegidas is an area in the old town of Nerja, centred around Plaza de Andalucia, well off the tourist beaten track. There are a number of very popular bars and restaurants in the surrounding streets such as La Puntilla, Nerja which are well worth searching out.

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