Playa de la Caleta MaroAn early morning fire on Christmas day devastated an area of around 8,000 square metres of vegetation on the hills around la Caleta beach in Maro. The small undeveloped beach between Nerja and Maro was made famous in the 1970’s Spanish TV series Verano Azul, where it was called “Cala Chica” and was the backdrop for many of the gang’s adventures. Since then, the beach has remained largely untouched, being one of the most natural beaches in the area.

The fire brigade were called out at around 2am on Christmas morning and four crews attended, from Nerja and Velez-Malaga. In addition to the sugar cane destroyed, around 30 trees have been burnt, including avocados and bananas, along with two greenhouses. The access path to the beach has also been affected, with the wooden posts and rope hand rails having been incinerated in the fire.

According to Nerja’s councillor for beaches, Nieves Atencia, the cause of the fire is unknown, although a camping gas canister has been found at the scene. The councillor also stated that the access path will be repaired and the burnt remains of the the vegetation will be removed and it is expected that the affected area will recover within a few months.

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