Podenco puppiesThis is an extract from Nell’s diary. Nell is a young Podenco mum:

My given name is Nell, I never had a name before!

I came upon this house tired and very hungry. I don’t know how long I had been running away. I was frightened but I thought if I stayed around maybe I could get something to eat. These humans saw me and to my relief started to leave food and water for me. I soon began to feel much better. I noticed that twice a day the humans took their two dogs for a walk and gave them some treats (she calls them sweeties). I started to follow them and I got a sweetie too. The humans tried to touch me and encourage me to come to them, but something always held me back. I was very scared.

They gave me a kennel in the car port so that I could come and go as I wanted and not feel trapped. I am beginning to trust them more and they are very nice. The other night I made a lovely new doggie friend. He was very handsome and a nice biscuit colour. All too soon he left and I started to get a little fatter! The humans were really caring and made me a bed in the dog pen which is a very safe place to be. So there I had my 10 beautiful puppies, 5 sons and 5 daughters. I love them but it is extremely hard work feeding them all. I am getting extra food three times a day now and always a bowl of creamy milk.

The humans have just told me that they love me very much and are adopting. I will live with them forever and never have to have more puppies or be scared. They are also going to find lovely homes for my babies.

I will write again soon

Doggie kisses from Nell x

Please help us to find homes for Nell’s puppies – call Diane 691 961 429 or email: axarquia-animal-rescue@hotmail.com xx

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