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The Nerja Carnival is one of the most colourful and fun festivals of the year.  Four days of extravagance, partying and black humour take place, traditionally in preparation for the self control expected during the approaching lent period.

In Nerja the carnival begins with the opening speech and song contest where the competitors sing witty, sarcastic or serious compositions about any subject imaginable.  On the second day there is a fancy dress competition and the election of the Queen (or Nymph) and Fool.
Nerja Carnival Man In Costume
The third day of carnival is the one most anticipated.  This is the day of the Grand Parade.  Anyone can take part in this long, trailing, slow moving parade, the only rule being that you should be as imaginative as possible in your costume and preferably be drinking something alcoholic.  The grandest float is that of the Carnival Queen and her entourage, brightly and lavishly decorated with the Queen on her throne.  When the parade finally reaches the Balcon de Europa the bars will fill with the strangely dressed participants and the party will really get going.

On the final day is the ‘Entierro Del Bogueron’, the Burial of the Sardine.  This traditional event takes place throughout Spain and its origins are unclear but are certainly ancient.  A slow march takes place, peopled by wailing and weeping ‘women’, dressed in black and often with fishnets, clearly distraught at the death of the sardine.  On arrival at Calahonda Beach the poor fish is blown up!  Inevitably this sad ending leads to a visit to local bars and much drowning of tears.

If you are in Nerja during the festival do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this great few days of fun. Have a look at our photo gallery of the 2012 Carnaval de Nerja.

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