Nerja Car ParkThe ruling group at Nerja council have put forward a motion to ask the Junta de Andalucía to include funding for three local projects amounting to nearly €4 million in next year’s budget. The three outstanding projects are the new Health Centre, Fire Station and Training And Employment Centre. The motion has been put forward by the mayor José Alberto Armijo, the finance councillor Antonio Villasclaras and the group’s spokesman José Miguel García.

The new Health Centre, that is intended to be built on the land currently used as a free car park behind the Mercadona supermarket, has a budget of €1.5M, the new Fire Station €1.2M and the Training Centre €1M.

José Miguel García stated that the Junta’s total budget for 2014 is €30 billion which is a “substantial amount that can certainly tackle the important projects that Nerja has been demanding for years”.

At present it is not known how much of the Junta’s budget, which covers the whole of Andalucia, will be allocated to Malaga province and in particular Nerja.

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