The Town Planning Councillor Nieves Atencia has announced that Nerja Council are proposing to put the new town plan (PGOU) on hold.

According to the councilor, there are several reasons to take this action including the fact that “the social and economic situation we are experiencing today bears no resemblance to the financial climate we had in 2004” when the new PGOU was being considered.

Perhaps more importantly is the ongoing dispute between the council and the Junta de Andalucia (the regional government) in regard to the stalled golf-course project. Again according to Nieves Atencia “the Junta de Andalucía has said that to continue with the PGOU we have to reclassify this land (the area of the proposed golf course) to non-development, something that the council will not do because the land was sold as building land with the permission of the Junta, and now we are not willing to appear to be the offending party in this”.

The golf course was planned to be built in an area close to the Nerja Caves, called el Barranco de la Coladilla which borders the Sierras Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Parks. The land was designated for development by the town council in the local area plan back in 2000. However the Andalucian government had different ideas and gave the area a protected designation in their regional plan (POTAX) in 2006. The project has been in dispute ever since.

Councillor Nieves Atencia also claimed that putting the new plan on hold will mean a considerable financial saving to the council and that “in times of crisis, responsible administrations allocate their scarce resources for necessities” and “the new General Plan is not a priority, mainly because today we have a General Plan that is perfectly suited for urban development in our municipality.”

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