A tragic accident at last night’s Three Kings Parade in Málaga City resulted in the death of a six year old boy, crushed under the wheels of one of the floats as he tried to pick up sweets from the road. The incident happened at about 5.30pm, within half an hour of the parade starting, in the corner of Plaza General Torrijos close to the tunnel to the Alcazaba.

According to witnesses the accident happened when the boy was trying to pick up sweets from the road and was run over by the five metre long float, towed by a four wheel drive vehicle. Two other children had also tried to pick up sweets from the road, but had been stopped by the volunteers who accompany the procession.

The boy was at the procession with his parents and his sister. His father, a doctor at the Instituto de Medicina Legal in Málaga, gave the boy first aid before the arrival of the emergency services within minutes. The casualty was transferred to an ambulance, but despite their efforts the boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

After a delay of half an hour, the procession was re-started, without the float involved in the accident, although the offering to the Kings on the steps of the Cathedral was cancelled. The decision to continue with the parade was taken for “reasons of security” according to the Mayor.

The accident is being investigated by the police, although it is claimed that the float concerned had all the necessary safety measures in place, supervised by 15 people. FACUA, the consumers organisation, has called for additional safety measures to be put in place during future parades, such as barriers between the spectators and the procession. In other towns, the decision has been taken in the past not to throw sweets from the floats as a precautionary measure.

The boy’s funeral is due to take place today at the Parque Cementerio in Málaga.

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