Visitors to Nerja and other parts of the Costa Del Sol will be anxiously watching the flight information sites over the next few hours to find out whether they will be able to get to their holiday destinations, or get home.

The Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland erupted on Saturday and a cloud of volcanic ash has been drifting into UK airspace disrupting flights since then.  At the moment Scottish airports have been affected and Easy Jet have cancelled their flights for 24th May to Malaga from Glasgow.  Other airlines are still planning to operate flights to Malaga later today, but this information was only correct at 14:30 on May 24th so check with your flight provider for up to date information.  It is possible that the ash cloud will spread and force further cancellations from some English as well as Scottish airports.

To check if a particular flight is disrupted, enter the name or code of the airline and the flight number below. Eg for Bmibaby flight number WW2201, put WW or bmibaby in the airline box and 2201 in the flight box. We recommend you check directly with your airline before travelling.

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