The Nerja Cultural Centre presents ‘Erase Una Vez 5 Mujeres’ (‘Once Upon a Time There Were 5 Women’) on Saturday January 14th.

The show will be performed by ‘Las Amazonas’, a group of dancers from around Europe which emerged from the organisation ‘Danza Duende’.  The performance invites you to delve into the world of oriental and ethnic dance as interpreted through modern eyes.  It tells a story of a group of nomad women who are believed to have magical powers and during the show the women take on different forms to tell stories through dance.

‘Las Amazonas’ are:

Leire Bolumburu
Alessandra Centonze
Marga G. Morales
Victoria Ivanova
Virginia Joëlle “Gata”

The performance starts at 9pm and tickets are €9

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