Negocia Como PuedasSpain’s Cuatro television channel have been filming an episode of their new game show Negocia Como Puedas (Negotiate Like You Can) in Nerja today. The presenters of the show drove around the Balcon de Europa area in a black van to find a member of the public who then had to use his or her negotiating skills to buy answers to questions posed by the presenters from other members of the public. The first contestant picked was a painter (pictured above) who just happened to be painting the church on the Balcon de Europa when the van arrived. He was then taken to the end of the Balcon de Europa before running back to the cafes in front of the church where he asked a waiter a question.

The show follows in the footsteps of other popular Spanish TV quiz shows such as Lo sabe, no lo sabe which is also filmed on the streets of Spain and the first episode will be broadcast on the 15th of July.


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