El Barrio RoadworksNerja council have announced that the final part of the pedestrianisation works for El Barrio will continue this winter. El Barrio is the street that runs west from Plaza Cavana (next to the Balcon de Europa) towards Torrecilla beach.

The work to pedestrianise and replace the drains and other services was started at the end of 2011, with the first stage completed before this summer. This second phase is due to be complete before summer 2013 at a budget of 275,000 euros.

The picture on the left shows some of the network of underground pipes that were replaced last winter (as part of the improvements to the town’s sewer system).

The project is part of the council’s plan to have a pedestrianised route all the way from the western end of Burriana beach to the car park/riverside path at Chaparil. Work has already been completed from the eastern end of town to the centre, and from the other side of El Barrio out towards the river. As such this is the final piece in the link between the two sides of town.

The project is also part of the on-going work improving and modernising the sewerage system, on which the council claims to have already spent over €1M euros. The new water treatment plant will be located on the eastern side of town and work is due to start on that major project in the new year.

The plant has to be operational by 2015 which is the deadline set by the European Union. In addition to the treatment plant itself, the planned works includes a network of collectors, outfalls and pumping stations. The plant will have a capacity of between 25,000 and 30,000 cubic meters per day and will allow the reuse of wastewater for irrigation of 20,000 cubic meters. The infrastructure will serve more than 100,000 inhabitants and has a budget of more than €19 million.

The local council are also seeking to have the money they have already spent on improving the underground pipe networks, refunded out of the budget for the new treatment plant, as this is work that would have had to be undertaken as part of that project.

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